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Helping you have the most powerful, abundant, present, honest & intentional start to parenthood possible,
starting in pregnancy.

we are here to help your queer family thrive

With our communal and nonjudgmental, compassionate coaching approaches, you and your family can thrive authentically with connection, joy, and ease.

Is this you?

  • You or your partner are pregnant! Yippeee!
  • You are overwhelmed with the changes and things to do or prepare
  • You know new parenthood can be challenging but aren’t sure how to prepare for it to set yourself up for success.
  • You may be a Queer+/Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) family.
  • You are an entrepreneur or influencer and have unique challenges, and desire to take some time off with your baby without losing your business or freedom
  • You may feel lonely or isolated in this new chapter
  • You want to maintain or even strengthen your sanity and identity in new parenthood
  • You have questions! (Spoiler alert: you will have questions)
  • You want to enjoy your experience to the fullest abundance but aren’t sure how… especially with the hormones kicking your ass.
We've got you covered at Queer Nest.

Imagine if life could be this instead...

  • You have an expert in your back pocket that knows you, your family, and your challenges intimately and helps you navigate it all
  • You are part of an intentional community of other  expectant parents and entrepreneurs on their perinatal journey
  • You feel safe to ask questions, be yourself, and connect AS YOU ARE
  • You get access to exclusive content, education, preparation, and expert-led workshops at the click of a button
  • You feel guided and supported every step of the way
  • You step into your full power as the badass parent that you are, knowing that your experience matters.

Let's get you feeling like the badass, authentic parent you are becoming.
And the best part?
You don't have to change a thing about you.
You don't have to read alllll the parenting books.
You don't have to scour the internet.
You just need the right support.
Welcome to Queer Nest.

Here's how I can help you...

Here are my favourite ways to get you to new-parent badassery.

1:1 Pregnancy, Baby, & Biz Doula Support

Let me help you build your personal power throughout this journey. Ready to become your dream parent and be guided along the way?

Done-in-a- DAY Biz & Baby Planning

Are you ready to feel prepared for baby and recovery so you can balance baby & biz like the BOSS you are?!

CEO, Baby! Mastermind

Are you an online entrepreneur expecting your baby between August and October? Are you ready to find ease, flow, confidence, connection, and community with a group of other entrepreneur parents-to-be?

Let's do this together...

It takes an affirming village to raise a kickass family, and that starts at the beginning, in pregnancy.

Let’s work together! 

As a new parent-to-be, you deserve support that you feel at home in, that affirms you, and that infuses your experience with power and joy.

You are powerful. I love that about you.

Why Trust Queer Nest?

Hey, I’m Naomi!

I’m your passionate pregnancy, baby & biz doula for fiercely authentic parents to-be, and Founder of Queer Nest.

I’ve been supporting perinatal families for 8+ years. I started with 3 years as a student midwife, 3 as a Postpartum Doula, and now as your Pregnancy & Baby Coach! It all has been an absolute blast, working closely with around ONE HUNDRED parents– and it’s only the beginning! One thing I know for sure is that personalized, knowledgeable, nonjudgmental perinatal support is the magic piece that brings everything together beautifully.

I’m on a mission to see new families feeling supported and affirmed; happy, healthy, and powerful. Let’s create a better world, starting with the very beginning of life.

Queer Nest is rooted in values of advocacy, connection, communication, and courage. 

My passion lies in helping people LIKE YOU find their power within the journey into parenthood. I believe that you can be fiercely yourself as a person and as a parent, even if you exist in a culture that tries to take away your power. 

I cannot wait to see where we get you, together.

My Story…

In my own perinatal journey in 2019, I felt dysphoria. I felt regular twinges of “you don’t really belong here”, and “this wasn’t made for you” and “you don’t fit in”. I felt erasure of my Queerness, being a pregnant ‘woman’ in a hetero-seeming relationship. Lots of assumptions were made. I “chameleoned” myself mostly. I kinda lost touch with my unique Queerness. Suppressed it. Thought it irrelevant/moot.

HOWEVER, I found my way, realized how important my work was to me, and now feel like the most powerful version of myself that has ever existed, and a kickass parent. I’m here to be a Queer leader and to help you get to the best version of you WAY sooner than I did. Like, today. I hope you already feel affirmed and welcomed AF here.

I’m a parent too, so my day starts with my littlest love! I deeply understand all the joys and challenges that parenting brings, and I’m here to walk with you and remind you that caring for yourself is essential to caring for your little one(s). 

I’m also a person! When I was 10, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I love to sing, have coffee with friends (new & old), and go exploring/traveling with my family. And on a Sunday morning, you can find me flipping pancakes before hosting the Weekly Coaching Hour for my Badass Nesties in the Queer Nest Club (I cannot wait to see you there!) 

New friend, I can’t wait to meet you. Your turn to introduce yourself…


Happy Clients!

“she made us feel very at ease.”

Naomi was always polite, caring, communicative, prompt, and followed-up with us regularly. We never felt forgotten or overlooked. She made us feel very at ease.

— A. W.

“Naomi went above and beyond...”

As someone who has anxiety and can easily feel overwhelmed, I looked forward to these sessions as an outlet to ask any questions and help clarify an uncertainties that I had about birth and becoming a parent. 

Naomi went above and beyond to meet these worries and helped guide and provided me with tools to help with any challenges that may occur in the near future. Her approach to emotional regulation, personal reflection and to keep in touch with my partner was very valuable and will be something I will often revert back to in my journey.

— K.M.

“I became a much more confident parent.”

Naomi’s ability to help me with my confidence as a new mom wasn’t something I expected. I became a much more confident parent.

— A.W.

How this works...

Allow us to guide you through our process.

Step 1

Take advantage of our awesome freebies, and book yourself a FREE 15-min Baby Prep Check-In Call with us.

Step 2

If you’re Queer, join Queer Nest Club to grow confidence and connections within the Queer+/GNC parent (new or to-be) community and for exclusive perks!

Step 3

Apply for a VIP Service to start fully thriving: feeling resilient, supported, and connected with a doula/coach you love.

Make sure you grab this awesome resource!

Want immediate access to a growing list of 70+ Queer-Competent Professionals and Centers from Fertility to Postpartum?

  • Sperm Banks
  • Family Law
  • Fertility Clinics
  • Midwives and Obstetricians
  • Adjunct Health Practitioners
  • Doulas
  • Lactation Support
  • Parenting Support…